raising funds, and raising awareness.

the project in ecuador would not be possible without your continued support from back in the UK.

we raise funds through our flowers of the amazon project. our small group of highly motivated volunteers in chester have knitted, stitched and crocheted over 600 flowers and animals. using second hand wool and some mad skills, our flowers of the amazon have been shipped and shared all over the country and beyond.

we are forever grateful to the vegware community fund, who continue to support our work. they also make awesome biodegradable packaging.

our volunteers help raise funds for us through various imaginative means: selling our flowers of the amazon, giving local talks, selling odds and sods, popping collecting cans in local shops. we are a small charity, and it is only through these funds that we can continue with our project.

we would like to do more. and it’s not only by donation that you can make a real difference. if this sounds like your area, please get in touch.

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