everything we raise in the UK goes directly to support conservation in ecuador. no admin fees, no funny business. 

in ecuador, we work with our sister group fundacion fauna de la amazonia who are our eyes in the amazon. in ecuador, your money supports our conservation centre and the future preservation of our protected land in the rainforest.

our goal is to be able to accommodate rescued wild animals in the most natural environment possible. our hope is to be able to release these animals back into the wild. sadly this is not always possible; sometimes their trauma is such that they will never lead the wild life again. in this case, we will provide the second-best option: a home for them, with little interference from people, surrounded by their natural habitat in the jungle

we are in this for the long haul. we have been working on this project for nearly ten years. as of now, we have a building that will become a clinic to treat and house animals when they arrive. but for now, it also serves as accommodation for our volunteers.

as the project develops, we welcome photographers and scientists to visit this place and help us document the innumerable species that call it home. we also welcome volunteers to help with the maintenance and development of the land and of the project.

photographs taken by visiting photographer jennie burns.