the project

we are flor de la amazonia.

we are a charity working in the UK to protect the amazon rainforest. we support conservation and reforestation of amazonian flora, and rescue and release of wildlife deep in the ecuadorian jungle.

with our sister group fundacion fauna de la amazonia, we own a piece of land in the ecuadorian amazon. this land sits in the most biodiverse place on the planet, in the buffer zone of llanganates national park in the pastaza region of eastern ecuador.

for nearly ten years we have been developing this place as a conservation project. we work closely with local communities and organisations on the ground to help us achieve a sustainable vision for the future that will benefit everyone and everything involved.

we are developing a conservation centre which will assist in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild animals. alongside this project, we reforest and rejuvenate the land through planting native plants. we invite scientists to document the dizzying array of flora and fauna in this place. we work closely with other local organisations and government in ecuador to maintain, sustain and nurture this place.

back here in the UK, we work hard to raise funds and awareness of conservation in ecuador. it is only with your generous support that we are able to continue our work, and for that we, and the forest, are grateful.