Flowers of the Amazon

the flowers of the amazon project raised awareness and funds of our work, right here in the UK. dedicated volunteers around the country knitted, crocheted and made these little brooches to sell for flor de la amazonia. the team bought second-hand materials and made hundreds of flowers of the amazon. they have been sold in scotland, spain and australia.

A small selection of our knitted designs!



the champion knitters

knit one, pearl one.

we have to thank pearl in chester, who single-handedly knitted and crocheted more than 600 brooches for us. superior cleaners in chester also kindly donated materials for our flowers. 

thanks also to mel in edinburgh takes care of the labelling and packaging of the brooches, and sells for us.

thank you to everyone who bought one of our wee flowers of the amazon and helped to support the forest.