July 2015

Welcome back to the Jungle!

In fitting form, the largest Equis so far seen on the land (equis is “X” in Spanish; the snake is so-called due to the large number of dark “X”s patterning its back). It was spotted late one evening last month, by Pete and Glen as it was crossing the path on the edge of the Fundación’s land and it is the most venomous snake around! It took the two of them to lift it and secure it for the night and it measured 1.7 metres approximately in length (not that they spent a lot of time measuring it!) Long-handled snake tongs and heavy-duty gloves are used for the handling process. The next day it was given a short taxi ride (as one of the two intrepid snake-catchers was going out from the land for a couple of days) and was released by the side of the Río Anzú which flows from the mountainous peaks of the Llanganates National Park nearby.

The case against our neighbour (for cutting trees on the Fundación’s, and our neighbour’s land) continues…………..one of the positive effects of all this has been a reduction locally in the sound of chainsaws (which has been a very regular occurrence!) – can’t be a bad thing!

We were delighted to welcome Justyna to the land this month for a few days. She has offered to help us co-ordinate some of our activities – administratively, volunteer-wise, amongst others, and is being generally very helpful. The pineapple patch has appeared again from its cover of ‘weeds’ thanks to her careful ministrations…………..thanks Justyna!

Justyna, and Pete's Piece Offering

Work on the quarantine/clinic continues with the doors and frames being readied, whilst other ground and land maintenance work has also continued.

A big “Thank you” to Miriam and friends in Switzerland for her, and their, fundraising activities there. Also many thanks to Stevie and his customers of the Angle Park Convenience Store in Edinburgh, Scotland for continuing to allow us to place one of our collection cans in his shop, as well as the Dundas Veterinary Group, Edinburgh, who also allow the Flor de la Amazonía Group in Scotland to leave collection cans on the premises.

With future developments in mind, we were delighted to receive approval for support from the Consejo Provincial de Pastaza (‘Pastaza Regional Council’). It has been agreed to give us several lorry loads of materials which will be used in the construction of the next stage – volunteer/scientist/vet accommodation, toilet/shower block and pathways. This is really appreciated and is very helpful and supportive of the Consejo and its Prefecta (Provost).

These are all great contributions which help us to continue to develop the conservation work in which we are involved, in the one of the last wild areas on the planet.