September 2012

Hello, and welcome, to the first update from the Flor de la Amazonia Group!

We are absolutely delighted to be the latest recipients of the Community Fund Award from Vegware and it will be used to support the work of Fundacion Fauna de la Amazonia, our ‘sister’ organisation, in the endangered environment of rainforest in Ecuador. Thank you, so much, Vegware!

The Fundacion Fauna de la Amazonia, a fully registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Ecuador, is developing a new Wildlife Conservation Centre in the Pastaza Region of Ecuador. They have recently completed the purchase of 37.5 hectares of land (mainly secondary/primary rainforest) in order to support the rescue of endangered species of animals from harmful and inappropriate situations, and work towards their rehabilitation and release. As the new Centre is located on the border of the Llanganates National Park, it is currently intended to work towards the release of animals appropriate to this area. Please have a look at their website for further information…… and there is also a Facebook group in the Fundacion’s name. (NB A hectare is about the size of a football pitch!)

Animals are rescued from the pet trade, black-marketeers, circuses, hostels and hotels, and in addition, may also be injured or otherwise damaged individuals found by the roadside, for example.

In the past we have worked with jaguars, ocelots, margays, coatis, armadilloes, a huge variety of bird species, various monkey species, and many others (and some few plants, too – particularly bromeliads, orchids and many species of trees). Recently, working with the local Ministry of the Environment staff, two stolen animals were released back into the wild – a boa constrictor and a three-toed sloth. Please have a look at this video….

The next development on the land will be the creation of accommodation for future volunteers and researchers, reception area for rescued animals and a veterinary clinic.


The majority of the volunteer members of Flor de la Amazonia Group, a charity registered in Scotland (SC 040950), have been volunteers on various animal rescue centres in Ecuador and other parts of South America. We are giving illustrated talks about the work we have been, and will be involved in, and are fundraising to support the activities in Ecuador. If anyone would like to see and hear more about our activities, please contact me on I will be here until later this year, when I plan to return to Ecuador to assist with the new Centre development.

Here are a very few of the animals we have rescued and worked with before…………….and a view of the land in which the new Wildlife Conservation Centre is being developed…………….