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We are a registered UK charity (SC 040950) working to protect the beautiful and endangered Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

Our aim is to support the conservation of the Ecuadorian Amazon through the rehabilitation and release of wildlife, preservation of the Amazon habitat and collaboration with local communities.

So how can we do that in the UK? Well, we work throughout the UK to raise funds and awareness for the plight of Ecuador’s flora and fauna (hence our name – Flower of the Amazon!).

We work primarily with a sister organisation in Ecuador, Fundaćion Fauna de la Amazonia (Animals of the Amazon), who are currently developing a new Conservation Centre in the Amazon Rainforest. In order to work legally in Ecuador you need to be registered as a Fundacion, just like charities here in the UK. Both Fundacion Fauna de la Amazonia and Flor de la Amazonia were founded by like-minded volunteers and dedicated humans who want to make a difference.

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With the support of Flor de la Amazonia group in the UK and our generous supporters, Fundaćion Fauna de la Amazonia has purchased 37.5 hectares (around 5 football pitches!) of Primary and older Secondary jungle near Mera in the Pastaza region of Ecuador (check it out on the map!), meaning that this area is now protected from further poaching and deforestation.

The land lies on an ‘ecological corridor’ that connects the Llanganates and Sangay National Parks, covering an area of the Ecuadorian Amazon that is extremely important for biodiversity as it potentially provides an area of plant and wildlife exchange between the two national parks. In fact, it’s considered so important that the corridor has been termed a ‘Gift to the Earth’ by the World Wildlife Fund.

In the jungle - looking up!We are lucky enough to be part of the efforts to preserve, and indeed restore the natural beauty and value of this part of the Amazon Rainforest. So what are we doing exactly? Find out!

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Who we are

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